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A Calming Grey Bedroom Makeover

Grey is a really fashionable colour to use in interior design right now. I say colour, but actually, grey can refer to a whole scale of shades from the lightest misty greys to rich charcoals, as well as incorporating various metallic and textured looks like silver and brushed aluminium. Grey is appealing because it offers a calming, muted feel that lends itself well to bedrooms, and also because it is a neutral that works with any other colour, so if you want to add an accent colour with a few accessories like lamps, cushions or artwork, you have free rein when it comes to what will look good!

Here we take a look at some super stylish pieces that can make for a stunning grey bedroom makeover:

Diego Natural Elm Wood Stainless Steel Frame 6 Drawer Chest


Storage is essential in bedroom interior design, and while you can do a lot with hidden spaces, for instance, inside fitted wardrobes or under the bed, you can also find storage solutions that can become features in the room's look. A good example is this gorgeous Diego natural elm wood stainless steel frame 6 drawer chest, which adds some elegant style as well as being something that can double as a place to sit. Grey can really lift a colour scheme, especially when combined with bright shades of lime green, golden yellow, and crimson red.

Diego Super King Size Bed

Finish is Key

Some people are afraid to use an all-grey colour scheme because they worry that the end result will be flat or dreary. This absolutely does not need to be the case, and all grey rooms can look incredibly sophisticated as well as being calming to sleep in. The secret is to concentrate on colour and finish. When you choose to use different shades of grey, look out for all different kinds of materials and finishing styles that give a range of textures in your room. This Diego super king size bed is a stunning example of this, and you can also look out for silky textures for soft furnishings, rich, plush textures for rugs, metallic finishes and embossing for more solid items, and so on. Try and have a good mixture of shiny and matte textures, and you'll be able to keep the look of your room interesting and appealing, even while only using different grey tones. I personally love grey smooth lines and think it's a wonderful starting point for a uniquely stylish bedroom makeover.

Black And White Marble Style Tempered Glass Art Print

Art and Mirrors

Another way to make sure your grey toned bedroom makeover remains interesting and attractive, as well as providing that cool, calming feel, is to add some statement artwork to the wall. Naturally, black and white posters are a good choice to go with the colour scheme, so if you have a favourite iconic movie scene or prefer a beautiful nature print in black and white, this can look great above the bed or on a plain wall. Another option is to go for an abstract art piece, such as a painting or glass art piece. This marble-style art piece has a relaxing feel, and also contributes to adding a sense of texture to the room. Hang this on your wall and you have a striking conversation piece.

Mirrors can be another good thing to add on your wall, and this can be a place where you can add some more grey in different tones and textures. Dark grey, ornate metal frames can offer a classy, boutique look, or you can consider sleek, plastic or wooden frames in shiny grey on simple rectangular mirrors for a minimalist look that still provides a new texture detail. Make the most of mirrors and experiment with different styles, the more opulent the better!

Have fun reimagining your bedroom in stylish, calming grey! Does that sound amazing?